Bucks County Covered Bridge Society

Cabin Run Covered Bridge
Cabin Run Covered Bridge

The Bucks County Covered Bridge Society is dedicated to the protection and preservation of 12 covered bridges located in a region covering 91 miles.

Our group works with county and local government officials to make sure residents and visitors have safe access to these historical landmarks. Ten of the 12 covered bridges are on the National Register of Historic Places.

As part of its mission, the society has worked with Visit Bucks County to promote covered bridge tours using brochures offered to the public at various locations across the state. The group also has raised funds for lighting for bridges, led various tours throughout Bucks County, and presented educational historical events about the bridges.

Touring The Bridges

Visit Bucks Tour InfoMost of Bucks County’s covered bridges are accessible if you choose to drive between Lower Bucks County and Upper Bucks County.

Visit Bucks had detailed your instructions on its website at:



Mercer Museum TourThe Bucks County Historical Society and Mercer Museum also have several suggested tours on its Bucks Bridges website at https://www.bucksbridges.com/tours/show/1.




Preserve, Protect, Promote

YouTube: Enjoy this brief history of covered bridges!